The Brief

Summit Business Brokers were days away from sending their website development offshore when they came across our website. They had heard you can save a buck by getting a website developed in India, but were worried about security and sending their sensitive data offshore. Luckily they found us just in time. 

As a start up business broker based in Canberra they wanted to build a website that could compete with the existing big-boys. They wanted an eye-catching design that would engage the browsers and turn them into buyers. 

The principal of the business had enough technical knowledge to do his own updates, but didn’t have the time as he was focused on building the business. That’s where we stepped in…

Our Approach

We knew that getting noticed in an already crowded market was going to be tough, so we focused on Search Engine Optimisation and building a site that looked welcoming and professional. We developed a site that could showcase the businesses and engaged browsers enough that they wanted to click through to learn more about what was on offer.