The Brief

Canberra Christian School (CCS) is a small school in the south of Canberra who wanted to get noticed. They already had a WordPress website, but they found it was hard to manage and update. They wanted the ability to update their own content quickly and easily, but this wasn’t possible with their existing design.

What inspired us to work with CCS was the incredible growth they had over the proceeding 3 years. Growing from 40 students in 2014 to a massive 105 in 2017.  But it had nothing to do with their old website, and all to do with the team at CCS. 

Our Approach

We developed a strategy to redesign CCS’s website from the ground up, incorporating a new colour scheme to match their new brand. As part of rebuilding their brand, we created website copy and worked on a writing style that would appeal most to their ideal target market.

We used WordPress Content Management System as the platform to create and easy to manage content experience. And we designed it in a way to keep it simple for their ‘in house support’ to maintain. 

Despite being the smallest Christian Primary School in Canberra, our aim was to make CCS the number 1 search result on Google. So we used all the tricks in our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) bag to make sure they came out on top!  

The Result

So how did we do? CCS were so happy with the work we provided, we now manage their website on an ongoing basis. We are working with CCS on upgrading functionality and maintenance of their new site. 

And despite being the smallest Christian Primary School in Canberra, they now rank number 1 in Google for that keyword search – higher than all the big private schools. 

We love this site, and we know the staff and kids at Canberra Christian School love it too!