Traditional face to face learning by itself is on it’s last legs – it’s a dying breed. Modern day learners want information presented to them in a blended solution that engages them and gets them excited about their learning journey. And they want to do it some of it from the comfort of their homes or offices!

We co-create cost effective eLearning modules that engage your learners and provide that WOW factor. We can build elearning modules to suit the needs of your clients or your business. From short modules, quizzes, information sessions or induction packages we can design something specific to meet your needs. Offer these as short courses or part of a larger learning strategy – your participants will love it!

We also act as a learning partner when you are bidding for work that has a digital component. You don’t have to count yourself out of jobs anymore, just because the requirements ask for eLearning. We become your elearning partner and work with you behind the scenes seamlessly so your client gets exactly what they are looking for.


eLearning Quiz

This project was created as a lead magnet for one of my other websites www.robhills.com.au. This basic elearning quiz, is a series of questions linked to a scoring system which rates users on how mindful they are.